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Life Coaching & Personal Development

Life coaching is about helping people unlock their potential and being clear about what they want, what their goals are and how to achieve them. Its focus is on developing and improving life skills.

Life coaches help people from all professional and personal backgrounds improve their strengths and minimise their weaknesses in order to make the most of their lives and having a plan to ensure change happens.

Coaching also serves as a “sounding board” for an impartial, informed perspective from someone with a wide range of professional experiences as a counsellor, consultant and coach at all organisational levels, both in the commercial and non-commercial world.

Some clients arrange to come every 2, 3 or 6 months for 1 or 2 sessions in order to maintain their personal and professional development. This can be especially helpful where this facility is not provided in their workplace, whether that is a large organisation or self-employment.

Some companies make an arrangement whereby their employees in need of help and support are referred for external coaching or counselling by way of an Employee Assistance Programme. This maintains confidentiality and gives access to highly qualified, impartial professional help.

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