Adele Bates – Experienced North Wales based Counsellor & Life Coach

My Approach

What is counselling? Who can benefit?

Counselling is helping people explore their problems and gain personal awareness, clarity and life skills for making choices, decisions and changes and feeling more positive in order to take more control and managing their lives better.

It’s about having a better relationship with ourselves so we feel more confident and can bring that to address a wide range of issues and challenges and to other relationships.

It is not about telling people what to do; it’s helping them solve their own problems, in a way that’s personal, informed and relevant to them.

It’s not based on the needs or preferences of the counsellor but on those of the client who stays in control.

It’s non-judgmental, objective, empathetic and completely confidential.


I use many diverse and wide-ranging approaches to best meet the needs of the client, not fit the client into one particular theory with which I’m familiar and prefer or which may be currently in vogue.

The initial meeting is free and without obligation in order for the individual to ask questions and decide for themselves if they wish to continue. Thereafter the process is taken one session at a time so the client stays in control

I provide copies of the tools and techniques used in the sessions as helpful reminders both for during and after the counselling process.

Discussion and communication is practical and free of jargon. The counselling process needs to be accessible and make sense to any client. There is a balance between attentive listening by the counsellor and helping the client explore their choices and means of addressing their issues.

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Our first meeting is free and without obligation.