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Pet Bereavement and Loss

Typically most animals have a much shorter life-span than our own, so choosing to own a pet will almost inevitably result in the pain of loss at some point in our life-time. The loss of any pet who has been the focus of love and attention can be devastating, be it a dog, horse, cat, rabbit, bird or whatever the species, but in our society loss of a beloved pet is not always given the credence and recognition that those suffering the loss need or deserve. Grief, whether over a person or animal, is a process which requires time, support and empathetic understanding. Having personally experienced this I understand the trauma such an experience brings.

It can be especially difficult if you have been in the position of agonising over the decision to have your pet put to sleep, for their sakes not your own. Making that decision to end the life of the pets we love who are ill and suffering, with dignity and humanely, shows the enormous amount of love we have for them, putting their needs and wellbeing before our own feelings of loss.

Counselling offers support for anyone, adult or child, whose pet has died and who needs help in dealing with feelings such as shock, anger, pain, guilt and overwhelming grief. Children especially can be distressed by what may be their first experience of emotional pain and loss. If someone is living alone and their pet is their only source of day-to-day companionship there is the additional stress of loneliness and sense of heightened vulnerability when their pet dies.

Likewise if people have had a pet go missing or because of changes in their circumstances, for example domestic or health reasons, they too have experienced the loss of separation and suffered the distress which accompanies that. Not knowing where your pet is or no longer being able to be with it can, for some people, be as painful as the death of an animal.

Counselling can help alleviate the feelings of grief and distress which bereavement or loss of a beloved pet causes.

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